Thursday, September 14, 2006

Truth in Religion(s) – Are All Religions Really the Same?

“All roads lead to Rome and so any way (religion) will get you there (to God)” is a statement of Religious Pluralism, according to which different religions are like different routes to the same destiny. Religions are like rivers and just as different rivers ultimately merge with the same ocean, different religions take us to the same God. It is said that just as we can reach the top of a mountain from different sides (North, South, East, West, North-West, North-East, South-West, and South-East for example), we can reach God by choosing one of the many religious routes that are available. In this context, any exclusive claims are considered to be expressions of outmoded thinking and of narrow mindedness and religious bigotry. People generally think that all religions are ultimately the same or that they are fundamental similar and only superficially dissimilar. But are all religions really the same or teaching us the same things? Are all religions really like different ways to the same destiny?

I invite you to think with me on this very important question or issue. I want us to approach this question from the perspective of truth. Truth is important, because if we are in error, we will be the losers. Our ancestors in India expressed their intrinsic desire in the well-known Sanskrit prayer: “Asathoma Sadgamay, Thamasoma Jyothirgamay, Mrithyorma Amruthangamay." This means: Lead us from untruth into truth, Lead us from darkness into light, and Lead us from death into life or immortality. This prayer is an expression of the ancient Indian quest for the truth and this quest is a universal quest. In the twenty first century also truth is important, because it is a life and death issue in our lives and in the ultimate sense as well. For example, if God, heaven, and hell are real and there is a certain way in which we need to reach God, and if I do not know the truth about these matters and hold false beliefs, I will be the eternal looser. So, if our aim is to discover the truth regarding this issue, we need to first discuss the subject of truth and then focus on "Truth in Religions," and apply the principles or logic of truth to this discussion.

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