Friday, September 29, 2006

Being Good Christian Citizens and Facing the Contemporary Social Challenges

As Christians we enjoy ‘dual citizenship’ – we are the citizens of the Kingdom of God as well as the nation we belong to, India and the world at large. The latter is a transient one where as the former is eternal. But often there are imbalances in the way Christians understand and live out this truth – some live as if this world is all that is and others live as if this world is not ultimately important and hence it does not matter how we live, as long as we are ‘holy in our inner lives’, whatever that might mean.
According to the Bible, we are in the world, but not of the world and we are in the world for a purpose. This purpose is captured for us in many different ways – 1) being salt and light, 2) being the ambassadors of Jesus Christ, 3) being faithful stewards or managers, etc.
In this article we will discuss the issue of the relationship of the Christians to the world in some detail and then deal with some of the contemporary social issues and challenges that we encounter as we live our lives in this world as ‘dual citizens’.

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