Monday, July 29, 2013

A Ministry Update from Sudhakar Mondithoka, June-July 2013

Dear Partner in the Ministry of the Kingdom of God, the Lord gave His grace and blessed the ministry in some amazing ways during June and July. I am happy to report the highlights so that you might also give thanks to the Lord along with me/us. The work is His and the power is His and I just happen to be in an instrument in His hands and so I give all the glory and praise to Him alone and I invite you to rejoice with me. We are grateful to God for all our partners like you.
On the 1st of June (Hyderabad) I gave a talk on “Understanding the Church and the Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders” to the Pastors, Elders and Ministry Team leaders of Good Shepherd Community Church (English) at OM India. The Q&A session at the end was very interesting and their Bishop stood up and thanked me for the inputs and said, “We need to have a follow-up session to receive more teaching from Rev. Sudhakar Mondithoka on this vital topic that he has dealt with in a very theological as well as practical way.”
On the 3rd of June, I did an Engagement Ceremony in Secunderabad and also spoke on “Engagement and the Preparation for the Wedding and the Life After”. Many parents and young people met me and thanked me profusely for “such a biblical and practical message” that they said, they had never heard before.
On the 8th of June, I spoke evangelistically in the Youth Retreat of the Rosser Baptist Church in Safilguda (with many students from Other Faiths in attendance among the 100 participants). Over 15 of them responded to the gospel invitation as I spoke on “Who is Jesus?”
On the 14th and 22nd of June, I did two House Dedications (of Dr. Paul Darivemula and Bro. Solomon)in one place I did the ceremony and the preaching and in the other, I did just the preaching. The Lord blessed the ministry of the word in both the places many were touched by the truth as I spoke on the theme of “Thanksgiving and Thankful Living.”
On the 9th and 10th of July, the Lord enabled me to do a Module on “Apologetics and Evangelism” (in five sessions) at the New Life Associates' Pastors' Training Conference with over 70 pastors and a few Christian professionals from different parts of the State of Andhra Pradesh. It was an incredible sense of divine appointment - there were only 5 who heard the term 'apologetics' before and when I closed with a Q&A session, they were all excited about the subject of apologetics knowing how useful it is in the ministry of evangelism and edification (confirmation and defence as Paul says in Phil. 1: 7; 16). They all realized how important apologetics is in the life and ministry of the Church and asked for resources/opportunities for further study. Praise the Lord.
I returned from Kurnool on the 15th and that night we had a good family prayer until past mid night and then went to sleep after entering into the new year - I entered into this New Year in my life (year no. 53) while praying with the family – worshiping and thanking the Lord and the Lord said to me in the morning (of 16th), "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." (Eph. 6: 10) I have taken this as God's Word for me for this New Year in my life. It was a celebration of 52 years of God’s extraordinary grace, mercy, goodness, and faithfulness. I am very grateful to God for yet another year and please do pray for His will to be done throughout this year.

The Lord blessed the ministry at the Gideons International State Convention in Kurnool (12-14 July) with over 500 people (all professionals in the marketplace) in attendance from all over the state and some other states, where I spoke thrice in the Bible Hour sessions on Matt. 28: 19 - "Go into the whole world and make disciples of all nations." I was rejoicing while ministering, as I kept getting very positive responses from the participants and the leaders of the convention to the truth of God's word. The Lord moved mightily and touched the lives of His people in a powerful way and many of them met me personally and shared about the ways in which the Lord spoke to them and how they responded. All glory to the Lord alone who does His Word using "unworthy servants" like us to fulfil His Kingdom Purposes.

On Sunday (the 15th), I ministered in the biggest Church in Kurnool (with over two thousand people in attendance) - Coles Centennial Baptist Church, Kurnool. I spoke on "Man's word or God's Word?" based on 1 Kings 22/2 Chronicles 18. There was a tremendous sense of the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit and I am grateful to God for touching the lives of many people. I also spoke in the English Service in the evening on "Do I have the right kind of Faith?" based on Hebrews 11: 8-12 &17-19; Rom. 4: 18-21. Praise the Lord that the Lord did His work of drawing people to Himself and His truth as many shared with me after the service.

In addition to all this, the Lord enable me to complete the course “Introduction to Christian Apologetics I” that I taught (with 12 students) at HITHA by the 16th and also do all the work related to “Biblical Hebrew Course I” for which we had over 20 students on the 16th and some are expected to join by Thursday, the 18th. Santhi and Rishi have also spent much time working on the new brochure for HITHA, Santhi has done much searching to find a place for HITHA (either to rent/lease or to buy, God-willing and enabling), as the owners of the current rented facility asked us to vacate by the end of September by all means, and I got the Audit of HITHA Educational and Charitable Trust accounts done for the financial year 2012-‘13. We are reporting with much gratitude to the Lord for His abundant grace that is sufficient for all the challenges and with appreciation of your partnership – encouragement through prayer and financial support.

The Lord also enabled me to do (a few times) "Asalaina Prashna Sisalaina Jawaabu" (a Live Theology & Apologetics Q&A Session in Telugu) on Rakshana TV along with Brother Benhur Jakkula and  we continue to get many mails and calls from people who have been blessed – enriched, equipped, and challenged through this unique ministry/program of Rakshna TV. Wherever I go, I meet people that have been blessed through this program over the past two plus years and Brother Benhur also tells me of the people that meet him regularly to say ‘thank you’ for the blessing this program has been in their lives. Several lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of people watch it live on Saturdays and many more watch when it is re-telecast on other days. I also interviewed Dr. Rev. Emmanuel Haqq, formerly a Professor of Nuclear Physics at the University of Massachusetts and A Pastor for over 20 years (in the Rakshna TV studio - it is now available on the Rakshna TV website). Praise the Lord for this ‘media ministry’ in addition to the weekly English messages (every Friday from 6:30 to 7:00 am) that are telecast on Velugu TV – this has been on for over 6 months now. On the 22nd the Lord enabled me to record a series of 7 messages on “Do I have the Right kind of Faith? – Is my Faith truly Biblical or Christian?” (based on Hebrews 11: 1-12; 17-19; Romans 4: 18-21; Genesis 22; etc.). I have dealt with issues like Is Christian Faith different from other faiths? What is Faith? The Faith of the Father of the Faithful and Friend of God, The True Nature of Christian Faith, Faith – Deeds – Obedience Connection, and so on and this series would be telecast from the coming Friday

Santhi too has had some very fruitful and impactful ministry (we might send a separate update). We both need to catch up a lot on our Ph. D related work. Please pray very specifically about this very important area of our lives at this time.

Please do pray for all the needs of HITHA (see – especially for God’s guidance concerning a place for HITHA and for accreditation with ATA, for my ministry/ itinerary (US trip) for July to September (see, and for the courses being offered at HITHA (“Biblical Hebrew I” with Mr. Sh’muel Yacobi from July 16 to September 19, “Foundational Course in the OT” with Prof. David Talley, USA from October 12-25, and courses in NT, Greek, etc., to follow). Please do not hesitate to write to us for any clarification or information related to the ministry.