Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Priority Christian Living in the Present Perplexing World

Often we hear people talking about the need to manage time and to set or reset or ‘re-reset priorities’ and so on. I have also been one of such people. But now I know that ‘it is not time that needs to be managed, but it is ourselves’. When we know how to manage ourselves, then time, financial, relational and all other managements fall in place almost automatically. We cannot manage ourselves without a clear knowledge of and commitment to ‘the purpose of our life’. It is not the priorities that need to be set first, but it is rather ‘the purpose of our life’ that needs to be fixed firmly in our minds and hearts. That is why we are focusing our attention on “Priority Christian Living in the Present Perplexing World.” Priority Christian Living is, in an important sense, living a ‘Purpose Driven Life’. So we will look at the present world that is perplexing in so many way first, then we’ll look at the purpose of our lives from God’s perspective, and finally, in the process, see how the purpose naturally determines the priorities.

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"Priority Christian Living in the Present Perplexing World" written by Sudhakar Mondithoka.

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